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Thomas Lysaught Facilitates DRI Insurance Roundtable Discussion: Leveraging Litigation Management KPIs to Improve Performance

Hickey Smith Legal Operations Partner Thomas F. Lysaught served as a discussion leader for a roundtable session at the DRI Insurance Roundtable on July 14 -15 in Chicago.

Along with Paul Roberts, AVP/Director of Litigation Management of Zurich, Thomas facilitated a discussion on how insurers and law firms can effectively leverage litigation management KPI’s to improve performance. Topics included:

  • Identifying the key performance indicators most commonly used by insurers to assess outside counsel performance;
  • The relative importance of evaluations metrics, subject matter expertise, and relationships in evaluating counsel; and
  • Developing a shared scorecard to enhance alignment and improve performance.

Thomas also served as a member of the steering committee for this year’s program, themed “Change Is Good, Right?”. The invitation-only event, which was tailored to insurance industry claims executives and in-house counsel, included attendees from over 20 different insurance companies.


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