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In the News: LTPI Covers TAR Panel Session with Christian Dodd

LargeLTPIHickey Smith in the News

The Legal Technology Professionals Institute recently covered the activities at the Ing3nious Southeast eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat, including the panel session on Overcoming Objections to Utilizing TAR led by Christian Dodd of Hickey Smith, and featuring Amy Catton (Kilpatrick Townsend), Bill Dimm (Clustify), Rishi Chhatwal (AT&T) and Quin Gregor (Fortium Partners/LTPI).

From the LTPI News:

The Overcoming Objections to Utilizing TAR panel centered more on the hard science aspects and not the fluffy pseudo-statistics that are too often waved around in the legal technology industry as being “fact”.

Read the blog post, LTPI, SELF-COLLECTION AND A CHATEAU IN GEORGIA, for a complete overview of the event.




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