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Task force of insurance experts engaged to manage property and related insurance claims, support adjuster field teams

PASADENA – October 10, 2016 – Hickey Smith LLP today announced that its insurance task force has mobilized to assist insurance companies in managing what is expected to be a significant spike in property claims from Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas from this past weekend’s extreme storm and associated flooding. The task force, which combines the legal expertise from Hickey Smith with legal and business process outsourcing resources from its affiliate American Discovery, is designed to support adjusters in the affected areas and help insurers review, analyze, and process claims in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

As insurance companies begin to handle an onslaught of property and related insurance claims arising from Hurricane Matthew, efficiently serving their clients is their first priority,” said David M. Hickey, managing partner of Hickey Smith and special advisor to American Discovery. “Hickey Smith and American Discovery are uniquely positioned to provide the outside support necessary to tackle large portfolios of insurance claims and related litigation in an efficient manner.”

Hickey Smith’s insurance defense practice group brings extensive experience in the disciplines of residential/commercial property and automotive insurance, including first-party and third-party claims review and processing, coverage analysis, and claims-related litigation. Hickey Smith attorneys based in Florida and the Southeast can serve as local, connected resources in the affected areas to provide close-in support to adjusters and field staff.

Through its affiliate American Discovery, Hickey Smith has access to a sizable and flexible network of experienced, bar-admitted attorneys and qualified administrative staff in the U.S. and overseas who are at the ready to manage, on an outsourced basis, claims processing tasks efficiently and on tight deadlines. Representative tasks include:

  • Scanning manual claims paperwork for electronic access and review,
  • Assembling adjuster reports and documentation for claims processing,
  • Reviewing claims packages for completion and accuracy based on your preferred protocols,
  • Analyzing policies and claims information to determine coverage, confirm settlement eligibility, and answer related questions,
  • Preparing releases for settled claims, and more.

Claims teams and others in the insurance industry can request assistance with claims administration and other immediate needs by contacting an industry expert:

Jason Balogh
Western U.S.

Foster Gibbons
Eastern U.S.

About Hickey Smith

Hickey Smith is a law firm purposely designed to deliver legal services with significantly greater efficiency, consistency, and added value. By deconstructing and refining traditional legal processes, applying workflow technology, and collecting and analyzing data, Hickey Smith is transforming the way legal services are delivered today. With an unrivaled combination of disciplined processes, technology expertise, and business leadership, Hickey Smith clients benefit from reduced total legal spend, improved quality, enhanced transparency, actionable insight, simplified management of outside counsel, and increased control. For more information, visit

About American Discovery

American Discovery is a worldwide provider of legal process outsourcing services in the areas of Managed Document ReviewLitigation and Other Support ServicesDiscovery ConsultingLegal Research, and Contract Management. Using a unique blend of technology, legal expertise, and disciplined processes, we help law firms and corporations improve financial results, enhance productivity, and efficiently deliver predictable outcomes. For more information, visit

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