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Many law firms use the words “people, process and technology” to describe what sets them apart from their competitors; when pressed, far fewer can actually demonstrate the steps they have taken to invest in the right combination of talented people, proven processes and practical technology to make a meaningful difference in the value of the legal services delivered. Hickey Smith Dodd is unrivaled in its unwavering commitment to achieving the right balance of talent, process and technology in order to drive more value for its clients and referral sources.


We understand that experience and legal expertise is critically important when selecting a law firm to assist with your legal matter. We believe that more than this is required to drive value.  Our team of skilled legal professionals is committed to providing exceptional legal services and to utilizing proven processes and enabling technologies to enhance quality, reduce costs and deliver more value than the traditional law firm.


We have deconstructed and refined traditional legal processes to reduce time on task and the potential for error (which can result in costly rework).  Further, we have built into our processes steps to systematically collect data that can provide actionable insight.  The result: a proprietary library of workflows, templates, checklists and data capture methodologies that automates, simplifies and streamlines the legal process.


When we set out on our mission to provide more value to our clients and referral sources, we could not find a platform with all the features we knew we would need. So, we assembled one. We call it onPoint.

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