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What Constitutes Value?

The measure of value can vary among purchasers of legal services. Depending on the type of legal matter, its relative importance to the client, and the extent to which the client is a repeat purchaser of legal services, different factors may influence the client’s assessment of value. However, from our experience we have found that the following factors typically drive the value assessment.

  • The quality and consistency of the results and work product delivered.
  • The overall cost of the legal services provided, and the actual cost as compared to the estimated/budgeted cost.
  • Delivery of the requested services within the required or expected timeframe.
  • The timeliness, frequency and clarity of communications provided by counsel.
  • The extent of insight provided through the collection and assessment of data.
  • Transparency in the legal services delivered and the amounts charged for those services.
  • To a lesser but growing extent, the information security measures deployed to safeguard confidential information and data.

We designed our law firm—literally built it from the ground up—with these factors in mind. And they continue to guide our efforts as we grow.
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