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When establishing Hickey Smith Dodd, our founders had a unique approach in mind: Create a firm that uses a disciplined, technology-enabled approach to managing legal processes–from on-boarding to billing–with a keen focus on strategy and creative problem solving.

We’re different. On purpose.

We set out to be different, right from the start. Today’s chief legal officers and general counsel expect more from their law firms. From efficiency, quality and transparency to insight, ease and control, legal leaders expect their law firms to deliver the value necessary to help them generate results.

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Committed to completely rethinking the existing law firm model, we designed and built our practice from the ground up using a revolutionary approach.


  • Identify each step needed to perform the legal process
  • Analyze the sequence of the steps
  • Identify the necessary materials and resources required to perform each step


  • Improve processes for greater efficiency and consistent quality
  • Use technology to automate, simplify, and streamline
  • Develop instructive workflows that deliver the work to the right person, with the right skills, at the right time


  • Instruct case team members using checklists, samples, and timelines
  • Drive productivity using role and task-based workflows
  • Automate document generation using best-in-class document templates


  • Capture comprehensive data as part of the built- in, disciplined workflow process
  • Make data available for reporting, future analysis, and business insight

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