Today, companies are asking their law firms to deliver more value —from efficiency and cost containment to communication and insight. Value that helps improve your business outcomes. Hickey Smith is engineered to deliver these benefits.

Streamline. Automate. Simplify.

onPoint™ combines integrated, best-of-breed technology solutions with custom workflows, checklists, and templates to streamline legal processes, automate routine tasks, and simplify matter management.

It is specifically designed to drive consistency and productivity, thereby lowering costs while improving quality. onPoint:

  • Powers our process-driven approach to the practice of law with a library of proprietary, customizable workflows;
  • Automates task assignment and due dates to case team members, ensuring that the right person performs the right legal task at the right time;
  • Supports a disciplined approach to deadline management by populating key dates and milestones on case team members’ calendars;
  • Promotes consistency and competency across the case team with embedded instructions that describe the task objectives, issues, and sequence of steps;
  • Automatically populates pre-built document templates using essential case information captured at the outset of a matter;
  • Captures matter-specific information for analysis and reporting through custom pages and records; and
  • Improves transparency and enhances insight with self-service access to matter status, shared documents, and activity-based reports all in one place—in the onPoint client portal.

onPoint: Transformational Technology

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