Engineered for Efficiency

Law firm clients have voiced that they are charged too much for the value they receive from their outside law firms.

Duplicated effort. Wasted hours searching for sample documents and drafting documents from scratch. Lack of timely communication leading to delays. Data errors resulting in rework. Limited or no access to case status, documents, or performance metrics. Failure to collect and analyze information.

From the beginning, Hickey Smith adopted a smarter approach to legal services delivery:

  • Disciplined
  • Technology enabled
  • Process driven

Every activity has been engineered to deliver consistent quality, greater efficiency, and actionable insight. From client on boarding, task assignment and document generation to data capture, billing and more.

Taking a cue from successful service companies outside of the legal industry, we purposely designed our firm around the pillars of efficiency, quality, transparency and insight.

Mapped and streamlined the legal process from
Automated routine legal tasks using workflow
tools and other technologies

Simplified document creation by developing an electronic template library

Developed prescriptive workflows that drive consistent quality and productivity

Powered business analysis by capturing information throughout the course of a legal matter

Provided self-service access to matter status, documents, and reports all in one place

The result? A law firm that is engineered for efficiency.

This means that our attorneys can focus on strategy, problem solving and valuable data capture for our clients instead of spending time on low value drudgework. Because our process is designed to generally reduce billable hours per matter, it also means that our clients receive high quality service and actionable insight while reducing their legal spend.

Learn more about how Hickey Smith automates, simplifies and streamlines the legal process with onPoint, our proprietary practice management platform.


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