When you choose Hickey Smith, you’re choosing a firm that is committed to delivering the most efficient, high quality service available today. As innovators, we are focused on putting the right combination of talent, disciplined processes, and technology to work for you.

Concentrating on lowering costs, improving quality, enhancing transparency, and providing actionable insight requires a unique approach. Here are a few ways in which we are different:

Technology-driven Practice

onPoint, our proprietary platform, combines integrated technology solutions with custom workflows and templates. It is specifically designed to drive consistency and productivity, thereby lowering your costs while improving quality.

Comprehensive Data Capture

We capture comprehensive data throughout the duration of your matters and use it to power business reporting and analysis that delivers the insight you need to optimize outcomes. Key information about your matters is always at your fingertips via our online portal.


We’re scaling our law firm so that we can seamlessly manage your work in nearly every state. With fewer firms to manage, you will have more time to focus on strategic legal and business needs.

Proven Legal & Business Leadership

With vast experience in a wide variety of industries and situations, our team of legal and business executives brings a unique blend of knowledge and perspective that helps clients optimize their outcomes. Going beyond the traditional attorney-client relationship, we create a client-centric partnership that delivers long-term value.

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