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Top 5 Ways to Reduce your Legal Exposure to Cyber Risk

By David M. Hickey

The hacks keep coming. Equifax recently announced a massive hack exposing personal financial information of potentially 143 million Americans – 40% of the American population.  The Equifax hack is one of the three worst data breaches in history only surpassed by the Yahoo! data breach involving more than one billion user accounts and the Sony cyber attack in 2014.

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Outsourcing to the Philippines: The Critical Steps That Should be Taken Now to Address Cyber Risk

By David M. Hickey

The Outsourcing industry in the Philippines is the fastest growing sector in the country, and it continues to grow with an average annual expansion rate of 20%. Outsourcing is projected to become the country’s biggest source of foreign exchange income in 2017, and the World Bank estimates that the industry could top $50 billion in revenue by 2020.

Notwithstanding these impressive statistics and projections for future growth, the outsourcing industry faces an existential threat. Therefore, it is imperative that companies, which outsource to the Philippines, and companies with outsourcing operations in the Philippines take concrete steps now to mitigate cyber risks.
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Red seal and imprint "SPAM" (Seriously Pissing-off Advertising Mail) on the sheet of closed postal envelope. Isolated. 3D Illustration

The FTC’s Summer of SPAM

By David M. Hickey

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is requesting public comments concerning the CAN-SPAM Act. Now you can have your say during the FTC’s “Summer of Spam.”
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Hickey Smith Helps Provide Safe Drinking Water to Children and Their Families

Teams work hand-in-hand with Got Agua? to serve three Philippine communities

GUIMARAS, PHILIPPINES – August 21, 2015 – Hickey Smith LLP today announced the completion of additional clean drinking water projects in conjunction with Got Agua?, a charitable organization whose mission is to provide clean, safe, sustainable drinking water to children and their families living in India, Africa and the Philippines. Read More

Cybersecurity for Law Firms: Risks, Ethical Obligations, and Management

By David M. Hickey

Recently a number of high profile data breaches have made headlines in the United States and around the world. Hackers have breached multiple major retailers, a movie studio, and even government agencies, obtaining the confidential information of millions of customers and employees. To highlight a few: Read More

Metadata 101 for Lawyers: A Two-Minute Primer

By Christian E. Dodd

Metadata is a word that evokes a visceral reaction among many lawyers. Indeed, a discussion of the various types and locations of “data” alone —along with its sheer volume—can be daunting at times. Adding “meta” to the mix is enough to make some run for cover. But that need not be the case. Lawyers do not have to be technologically savvy to acquire a basic understanding of metadata. The following is intended to provide a brief overview of the basics of metadata for lawyers. Read More

Thomas Lysaught Invited to Join the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance


CHICAGO – JUNE 17, 2015 – Hickey Smith LLP is pleased to announce that Thomas F. Lysaught has been invited to join the prestigious Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. The CLM is a nonpartisan alliance comprised of thousands of insurance companies, corporations, Corporate Counsel, Litigation and Risk Managers, claims professionals and attorneys. Through education and collaboration the organization’s goals are to create a common interest in the representation by firms of companies, and to promote and further the highest standards of litigation management in pursuit of client defense. Selected attorneys and law firms are extended membership by invitation only based on nominations from CLM Fellows. Read More

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